Our Story

What are you idiots up to anyhow?

Cocky Doodie™ is  an online comedy show that contains video segments, animation, radio sketches and other stuff that’s just not f#@&!ng funny. It is adult humor and will be “bleeped” and/or electronically “obscured” in line with the general standards and practices found on those other popular basic cable comedy shows.

We do not censor this objectionable content to show some visible form of discretion nor out of a communal sense of responsibility but from the vulgar fact that cursing is funny and sometimes funnier when it’s “bleeped”.

The name “Cocky Doodie” does not come from the Native American word for penguin flatulence (Cah-keed Üd-ee). Instead, it comes from another vulgar inspiration, the one that says that when a grown-up uses a childish euphemism it’s as funny as when a little kid, having overheard mommy and daddy, uses profanity.

This is where you come in. The intro or signature piece to the online show will be people of all ethnicities, ages, sexes and persuasions simply saying the stupid and unfunny phrase “Cocky Doodie”. Now that might not sound very entertaining but we intend on editing about fifty of these together. Now that is comedy. Okay, that’s not funny either, but very difficult and worthy of a mercy chuckle. C’mon, just say it: “Cocky Doodie”. Be creative: “Cackee PooPoo DooDoo and Crap”. Still not feeling it? Okay, I understand. I’ll go f#@k myself. Sorry, I know. That would’ve been much funnier if a 3 year old wrote it.

You might also be so friggin’ funny on your own that we use your video as a part of the content of the website. Our team is growing like a weed. We will be reviewing submissions for inclusion in our expanding collection of online garbage. The feel we are looking for is incongruous, absurd, smart/stupid comedy that has high production value or intentionally low production value (a la “Plan 9 from Outer Space”). Funny people know that bad wigs and styrofoam boulders are golden comedy nuggets of gold, something we Cocky Doodiennes like to call diamond-gold nugglettes.

So I hope that explains what we idiots are up to. We believe that laughter is the best medicine. Maybe not for the incontinent but for most people. Claritin® is pretty good medicine. Narcotics are very good medicine. Yeah, they’re good. Have you seen my pills?